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“What is learned in ‘traditional’ marketing degrees is just theory”, says Byron Sharp, professor of Marketing Sciences, in the book How Brands Grow, published by Oxford University Press.

The world is changing. Despite this, too many marketing people cannot get out of their box.
Old-fashioned marketers like to think that people put more thought into the purchasing of a product than they actually do. Most exercises in segmentation, brand differentiation and personality are mostly wasted effort.

In real life, most buyers don’t perceive brands as having a difference OR that the difference actually matters when buying them. Most purchase decisions are made with the emotional brain. That’s why smart and updated marketers focus on simple & consistent brand assets that are easy to remember and when seen, trigger instinctual responses.

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Mr. Sharp applies rigorous scientific methodology across a number of categories and verticals (including but not limited to FMCG, finance/banking, airlines & loyalty programs) and simplifies marketing principles down to 7 simple rules.

  1. Continuously reach all buyers of the category (Communication + Distribution) – don’t ever be silent.
  2. Ensure the brand is easy to buy (communicate how it fits with the user’s life).
  3. Get noticed (grab attention & focus on brand salience to prime the user’s mind).
  4. Refresh & rebuild memory structures (respect existing associations that make the brand easy to notice & easy to buy)
  5. Create & use distinctive brand assets (sensory cues that get noticed & stay top of mind).
  6. Be consistent (avoid unnecessary changes, whilst keeping brand fresh & interesting).
  7. Stay Competitive (keep the brand easy to buy & avoid giving excuses not to buy).

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