Toni Bunaiasu

Hi, I am Toni! An ex shy, mad thinker and advertising fan. After 15 years of creative work in advertising agencies, I decided to go on my own.  As a result, I am now the creative driven Strategy Director and founder of Brand Mentors.

A brand strategy and
marketing boutique that helps underdog companies grow. We work together to
design and build meaningful, authentic and engaging brands.

Our strategies are highly focused on the human psychology, behavioral patterns, creativity and innovation. We have 2 big approaches: 

a. short-term strategies, tactics and tools, for constant push of leads and sales, aligned with the business growth objectives. b. long-term marketing and brand strategies that engage audience, strengthens the brand’s power of influence, and dilute people’s price sensitivity.

And that is great. Clients are
happy and we are proud.

Marketing Strategy and Creative
Brand Communication are my passions, so sometimes I write about this topics
on Medium and LinkedIn.

Did someone convince you that
effective marketing is only about matrixes and algorithms? Without a great gasp
of psychology, behavioral sciences and creativity? Then, they are skillful
cheaters or amateurs with an university degree.